Thursday, 10 January 2013

First date - 9 course tasting menu with matching wines at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon....WOW

As we walked in we were greeted by a lovely hostess who took our coats. I remember I was wearing my fur coat as it was coming up to Christmas and it was freeeeeezing outside. 

I was immediately impressed but the decor, it was fairly dark and I could see into the ground floor restaurant which had a Japanese style to it...we were eating on the first floor.


The hostess then guided us into the lift (very cool) and asked us if we would like to have drinks at the bar before we sat down to eat...of course we did, first date nerves are all ways cured by pre-dinner cocktails ;)

We went up to the first floor.

The bar was slick, darkly coloured and led onto a roof top terrace. The low clubby dance music gave it a very cool vibe.

This is where we sat at the bar and asked the barman for 2 FLEUR DE FRAMBOISE - raspberries puree, violet liqueur and Cointreau topped with Prosecco - YUM. " Two more please".

We chatted for about an hour trying more fantastic cocktails.

When we realised the time we told the barman we were ready to go to our table, by this point we were a little tipsy and excited for the 9 course dinner ahead. This was my first tasting menu, boy was I in for a treat!!


The restaurant host greeted us and showed us to our table, it was a great table and close to the open kitchen where you could see the chefs preparing the dishes, I loved this as it just added to the anticipation.

And so it began....we started with an amuse bouche which was in a little shot glass layered with foie gras and topped with some kind of parmesan foam, it was heaven and like nothing I had ever tried before.

La Cuisine at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon London: amuse bouche

As this was our first date and over 2 years ago I do not fully remember each course, to give you an idea I do recall one we had which blew my mind - Caviar served on a bed of crab meat and lobster jelly.

Each dish was prepared in such detail and the presentation was perfect.

The courses each came with a matching wine and the waiter explained where each one was from and how it complimented the food, it was all so theatrical and entertaining.

Time went on and as the wine flowed we were swept up in the magical, french atmosphere.

And the desert courses arrived :) OH WOW.

We started with a white chocolate ice cream lolly (on a stick) as we got licking we realised there was popping candy inside, this was such a great idea, I hadn't had popping candy in years and had forgotten how fun it was!

Then 2 more deserts followed which were HEAVEN, one was a  rich chocolate pot layered with caramel and then a refreshing sorbet delight which melted in your mouth.

4 and a half hours later (the longest time I've ever spent in a restaurant) we made our way down in the lift, collected our coats and left. 
BEST FIRST DATE EVER! The boy did good! :)

I recommend this experience to any couple who want to have an un-forgettable evening, perhaps for a birthday or valentines day.

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  1. Love it, such a gat story! Looking forward for more staff!

    Tania X