Tuesday, 12 March 2013

MORITO - recent discovery!

On Saturday Andy and I went for a walk.

We were starving and went on the hunt for somewhere new!

We walked from our house in Angel (London) to Exmouth Market.

Exmouth Market secretly hidden in-between Angel and Farringdon and has lots of interesting restaurants, bars and cafes. It's got a really cool, trendy vibe.

We walked past a little Tapas restaurant called Morito and thought hmmm we're really in the mood for some Tapas :)

We were seated by the window which was lovely, it's so nice to be able to look out the window and see the world go by.

The cocktail list was far too good so we asked them for two of their most popular ones.

We had a 'rebojito' which is fino, lemonade and mint.....

.....and a 'cava pomegranate' cava and pomegranate juice......

They were both beautifully refreshing and bursting with flavour. We had never tried fino and lemonade before but it's now our new favourite drink!

So time to order some foooooood!!!
It's always so hard with tapas, every dish sounds amazing!

We started with the lamb chops, cumin and paprika with a dish of  chickpeas, pumpkin, coriander and tahini.

Both dishes were outstanding! The chickpea dish especially had such unique flavours, I couldn't stop eating it!

The puntillitas arrived - fried baby squid. Really nice but nothing special.

To go with our tapas feast we ordered a carafe of red wine - borsao garnacha/syrah @ £11. It was really bold and fruity and went really well with each dish.

Then the next dish arrived....charcoal grilled leeks and romesco YUM!!!!!

Romesco is a nut and red pepper-based sauce from Spain. It is made from a mixture of roasted almonds, pine nuts and hazelnuts, roasted garlic, olive oil and peppers. I had never tried it before but I love it...will try and make it at home :)

And then one of my personal favourites! Pulpo a la gallega - octopus, potato and paprika.

WOW! It was the BEST octopus I have ever had!!!! Next time i'm ordering two!! Sooooo fresh and delicious!!

It's crazy to think they cooked all that amazing food in that TINY kitchen!!!!!

What a great discovery! It's funny how it's been so close to our house all this time but we had never been. We will be going there allot now!!
Tapas is so much fun and it's so nice to relax and take your time between each dish.

The menu changes daily with different specials so you can always try new dishes.
Prices range betweem £4 - £8 per dish, depending on what you have.
Check it out!


  1. This looks like a great place, the cocktails sound delicious!

    1. Thanks Caroline, you should check it out!

      I need to make your meatballs soon, sorry i've been away! x

  2. Not heard of this place but looks yummy!

    1. It's a real gem and they have very unique, spanish cocktails :) Thanks for stopping by!