Friday, 3 May 2013

Transport yourself to Barcelona @ Pix Pintxos Soho

I went to watch a show last night (Thursday) at the Soho Theatre with my friend Katherine. The show finished at 9pm and as we had been drinking a fair amount of booze all evening, and were a feeling little tipsy, we decided to grab a bite to eat.
It was a lovely warm night and Katherine had been telling me all about her adventures in San Sebastian Basque Country Spain, as she had recently come back from travelling around Europe with her boyfriend. This got us both craving Tapas and Red wine!

We decided to go to a place called Pix which is inspired by the pintxo bars of Barcelona and San Sebastian and it was only around the corner........perfect!

There a few Tapas bars to choose from in Soho, it seems this is becoming the new, trendy way of eating.

Pintxos (pronounced peen-chos, meaning ‘thorn’ or ‘spike’) are a kind of Basque-country bar snack, held together by a skewer and served in a shot glass, ramekin dish, or on crusty bread.
The concept.....

As we walked in we could see the Tapas selection, it looked delicious and we couldn't wait to try these little, Spanish creations.
It was packed with a great buzz to the atmosphere. We were greeted by a friendly waiter who, luckily, had 2 spaces left at the back of the restaurant!

He explained how it all worked and gave us 2 plates.
The drinks list is designed to showcase some of the best wines and Cava that Spain has to offer – or you can try their traditional pintxo cider for the authentic experience.

We ordered 2 glasses of the house Rioja and then went to get our Pintxo treats! :)

Hmmmm what to choose..........


 As you can see there was a great choice!!!

We only wanted a few dishes (sticks) to share.
We went for ......
1 brie, pancetta and foire gras mousse
1 chili chicken kebabs with mint and coriander sauce
1 spinach and sweet potato tortilla
1 Iberico ham (on crusted bread) which I had never tried before but Katherine had it in Spain and said I MUST try it.

The house wine we were given was really nice, very fruity which I love and it went perfectly with our little dishes.

The Tapas was delicious, my personal favourite was the brie, pancetta and foire gras mousse yummmmmm. They were all really tasty!!
We shared each 'stick' which was fun and took our time between chatting and sipping our wine.
I could have stayed in there for hours, drinking more wine and going up for more food. I noticed they kept bringing more plates of Tapas out so there were new things to try! Dangerous, I wanted to try it all!

The ambiance of Pix was fantastic. It's a such a fun place to catch up and relax with friends and a great concept of casual dining - just how it's done in Spain!

The bill was £22 which I thought was pretty reasonable! As we only had a light bite I would suggest getting 4/5 sticks per person, so you're looking at roughly 12 - £15 on food, depending on what you choose.

There were desserts too, different types of cakes on sticks and lots of interesting mouses, espresso chocolate cups and summer fruits with chantilly cream in shot glasses plus a few other interesting ones that I want to go back and try ;)
I'm sure the hotter the days get in London the busier Soho will get so be prepared to wait for a seat but once you're in it's totally worth it!

There is also a PIX in Covent Garden.

I will be going back for sure!


  1. Hi Zoe,
    Yes! Pix is such a great shout for almost all day everyday - I absolutely love it.
    What email address can I reach you on?

    1. Hi Ella.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      My email is

      Zoe x

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