Wednesday, 27 March 2013

MEAT MISSION Shoreditch.

Me and some friends fancied eating somewhere FUN the other Friday after we hit MEAT MISSION (sister restaurant to Meat Liquor)

The restaurant is located in Shoreditch, East London. We got there at 5.30pm so luckily for us it was'nt that busy.........yet. 

Leave the diet at the door!

We started off with some cocktails which the barman made especially for us. We wanted something refreshing with cucumber and mint, he brought over 4 of these for us and they were REALLY good!

We kept ordering them so for the next round we just ordered 8 to save time ;)

Hmm what to order. I was stupidly trying to find something healthy ish, but no such luck. EVERYTHING is double fattening but hey, then it will be double tasty :)

I was told by a friend to try the Dead Hippie Burger, as this was the most popular. We also ordered fries, fired pickles and Monkey Fingers - these are deep-fired strips of tender chicken soaked in buffalo sauce and  served with a blue cheese dip.

After sinking MORE cocktails (junk food always tastes better when you're slightly hammered) our order arrived....well 2 Dead Hippie Burgers arrived and 2 fries. We assumed this was ours and the rest was coming. The 2 boys in our group got stuck in like pigs and ate the burgers.

Then another order arrived...

We explained we had only ordered 4 burgers, not 6, and they told us the other 2 we had earlier had been sent to our table by mistake.

Oh well the more for us :)

The food was disgustingly goooooood!! Juicy and delicious...probable one of the best burgers I've ever had.

I dream of this whenever I wake up hung over, I want to teleport to Meat Mission!!

The Monkey Fingers.......

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The blue cheese dip was out of this world.

We all got stuck in and stuffed our faces silly. It was very messy.

We ordered more drinks but the busier the restaurant got the slower the service was so we ended up leaving to go to another bar. I guess it's only good for a quick bite and we had a whole night of boozing planned ;)

By the time we left it was RAMMED. There was a great vibe and buzzing atmosphere, pumping tunes and lots of laughs so an ideal place to hit after work to unwind.
I noticed a photo booth on my way out...that's a great idea and I will be using it next time :)

The food is really reasonable too!!

I prefer it to Meat Liquor as it is much bigger with more open space and you don't have to wait long for a table.

I will be going here again for sure, it totally releases the kid within us all!

I had to hit the gym several times the week after to feel less guilty!

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