Thursday, 27 June 2013

Thai Omelettes at Ziloufs - girlie brunch date :)

I was meeting some friends last Saturday for brunch.
As my friend Laura was bringing her ADORABLE baby Jude with her I was trying to find somewhere that was baby friendly and also where we could hang out for a few hours, have some wine and food and just relax and catch up.

Well, I found the perfect place.....

I had walked past this bar/restaurant called Zilouf's a few times. It's located on Upper Street in Angel.

I noticed they served brunch until 2pm on a Saturday (until 3pm on a Sunday) and had some comfy sofas!
It looked really cosy and homely with lots of vintage lamps and a cool, kitch feel.

Check out the funky furniture and fish tank TV

When we all arrived we were so pleased that the largest sofa was free, we quickly claimed it!
There was plenty of space for the pram too. Result.

Time for some wine!

We all ordered white wine spritzers and browsed the brunch menu.............

Thai omelette ??


I asked the waitress if it was good and she assured me it was delicious.

3 Thai Omelettes then please :)

They arrived shortly after....

Oh YUMMY!!!!!!

Wait, what's that inside.........?

BIG JUICY SCALLOPS - my favourite 

It was soooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood and the sweet chilli sauce was heavenly.
What a fantastic combination and the scallops were perfectly cooked.


At a bargain price of £8 I was seriously impressed.

It was so filling I couldn't even finish it, and that's very rare!

What a great find!
We sat and chilled there for hours. It was totally packed so we were lucky to have swiped that huge leather couch!

We could have stayed there all day :)

I was so pleased with my new find, I know that sounds a little sad but I get excited about these things!

We have already arranged to go back there next week for more of those incredible omelettes.
I can't wait.

Laura, Frankie, baby Jude and moi :)


  1. I live right around the corner from here - have to give this place a try!

    1. Hello Amy!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Yes you should, they do a great brunch - order the omelettes :)

  2. That looks absolutely delicious!! :)