Monday, 29 April 2013

Hair of the dog and a DELICIOUS Sunday roast!

It's hard to find a decent roast these days.

I am VERY fussy when it comes to my roasts!

As it's a special, weekly tradition I look forward to it every Sunday...especially when i'm lying in bed hungover from the night before!

The only thing that gets me up is the thought of a few pints and a big fat ROAST!! YUM.

Our neighbours had been telling me and Andy about a pub called 'The Talbot' which is in Dalston (a 5 min walk from our house) and raving about the roasts, so the four of us all headed out together for lunch.

The pub is located amongst lots of pretty streets lined with classical London town houses. It was a  lovely walk and the sun was out too which always lifts your spirits when you're hung over!

When we got inside we were warmly welcomed and shown to our table straight away.

The waiter told us the specials of the day...even though we were all clearly going for the beef roast :)

We ordered four pints and four beef roasts. DONE :)

Hair of the dog ;)

Like I said before I am very fussy when it comes to my roasts. I diet, well I TRY to, on week days and at the weekends I eat what ever I like, so it's very disappointing when a roast does not deliver as that is the only time I can seriously pig out :)

My 'must haves' for the perfect roast -

1. I like my beef cooked med rare, pink and tender.

2. Don't be stingy with the meat! Some pubs give you the most pathetic amount of meat and then loads of potatoes, NO. There should always be a decent portion of meat...that's the best bit!

3. A good selection of vegetables - honey roast parsnips, carrots, broccoli and .....CREAMED LEEKS!
I think creamed leeks are possibly the most delicious thing ever invented.

4. Gravy - it must be in a jug. Everyone likes different amounts of gravy so you should be able to pour on as much as you like. I like my gravy thick with all the natural juices of the meat.When I make it at home I always add red wine to give an extra kick.

5. A BIG yorkshire pud, not too hard, it must be soft enough to soak up the gravy.

6. Roast potatoes - crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

And that is my perfect roast!

Our lunch arrived......dun dun daaaaaa

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss BEAUTIFUL!!!

Another round of pints please!

 Lets get stuck in :)

Happy times.

I was really impressed with the roast, it ticked all my boxes and the service was brilliant. The pub had a cosy vibe with friendly cliental.

There was a roof terrace and an outside beer garden too so I will definitely be going back when summer hits!

So far this is one of the best roasts i've had and it's a really gorgeous pub. However it was £15.50 which I think is quite pricey.

I personally feel around £13 is a fair price for a roast but I am happy to pay more if it's worth it.

Make sure you book ahead as it gets super busy!

109 Mortimer Rd, London, Greater London N1 4JY
020 7241 2995

I will be going to another pub next Sunday to see what they have in store ;)


  1. Looks very nice! Although I'm not sure about the one potato? Had someone nabbed one off your plate before you took the photo? :)

    I love my potatoes really ruffed up before cooking and crunchy after cooking...and my yorkshire pudding soft and thick (slightly underdone...but that's just me!)

    Now I'm hungry...

    Caroline x

    1. Haha there were 3, 2 are hiding under the beef! Yeah my stomach was rumbling whist writing this :)